Bay Windows

Bay Windows

Many Victorian homes have bay windows. The windows have been an epitome of British homes for decades. They are also part of many classic and sophisticated homes today. Bay windows have protruding window constructions with inside angles varying from 90 to 150 degrees.

The windows have been popular to date because they increase natural light flow in rooms making them appear brighter and larger which is what most homeowners desire. The windows are also popular because of their stylish appearance. Bay windows are popular among many homeowners interested in creating stylish seating areas indoors with plenty of natural light.

Why you should install bay windows in your home?

One of the main reasons behind installing bay windows is adding style to your home. The windows are a great design tweak capable of attracting other homeowners and potential buyers. Bay windows are perfect for adding that perfect romantic look to your home and vastly improving your exterior. On a flat front home, a base and a roof can be created to facilitate the installation of bay windows.

Bay windows also come in a wide range of finishes, styles and colours. They are therefore ideal for any kind of house style and/or character. The variety also allows you to get the exact kind of bay window you want in your home.

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Can I upgrade my existing bay windows?

Our bay windows are ideal for every home even those homes which already have bay windows. Our bay windows are more efficient and unlike traditional bay windows, our bay windows will help you lower your energy bills along with our double or triple glazed to minimise heat loss during cold weather.

Our bay windows are also designed to keep out draughts during cold weather. Our bay windows also feature secure frames which offer better security than traditional bay windows. You therefore stand to enjoy a more comfortable, secure and energy efficient home when you upgrade your existing bay windows.

Why you should consider installing our bay windows?

Our bay windows add a classic design element to any home regardless of the existing windows. They also let in plenty of natural light and make your home’s rooms feel bigger.
We offer the best variety of bay window designs and finishes. You are therefore assured of getting bay windows that match your home perfectly. Our designs also offer other added benefits i.e. energy efficiency without interfering with the old traditional style and character of your home.

Your home will be more secure thanks to our stronger window frames.

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