Double Glazing

Although double glazing has been popular in many British households for the past few years, there are still many homes, tolerating the inefficiencies of single glazing that are characterised by poor heat retention and higher energy bills. Replacing single glazing with double glazing has an instant significant impact in your energy expenses at home. You’ll soon notice lower energy bills which is welcome considering energy bills keep rising every year.

You stand to save £90 to £120 per year on your energy bills if you decided to replace all single glazed windows in a 3 bedroom semi-detached house with double glazing. On top of enjoying great energy efficiency benefits, you stand to benefit from noise reduction, heat retention, reduced condensation and increased security.

Many homes feel colder than they should because of draughts which allow cold air into the house meaning that despite turning your thermostat to the maximum level, you will still feel cold. Our expertly installed glazing helps combat draughts once and for all, allowing your home to retain heat better and translating to lower energy bills. Our windows are specially designed to keep heat in and draughts out.

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How does Double Glazing Work?

Double glazing features two layers of toughened glass separated by an argon gas layer which acts as a perfect insulator against the cold. The argon glass layer is too small to allow air circulation. As a result, heat can’t be transferred by convection because the trapped air/gas layer is a poor conductor – this in turn reduces heat loss via windows.

Double glazing is also effective in reducing noise. You therefore stand to enjoy a quieter and more relaxing home especially if you live in a noisy neighbourhood or near a road. When you choose us, you are assured of enjoying better sleep in a warmer and more comfortable home. We offer double glazing on doors, conservatories, windows and frames for materials such as UPVC, composite, conservation, hardwood and aluminium.

You are guaranteed to notice an instant difference in your home after double glazing is installed. Our double glazing lasts for decades. The savings you make on your bills will more than cover the cost of the double glazing.


Why consider investing in our double glazing?

  • You stand to enjoy lower energy bills because double glazing minimises heat loss during cold seasons.
  • We offer good material variety i.e. UPVC, hardwood, conservation, aluminium and composite.
  • Double glazing increases security thanks to our toughened glass. Double glazing will also eliminate draughts once and for all.
  • Double glazing also reduces condensation significantly.

Our Promise

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