Edwardian conservatories are similar to Victorian conservatories in style. The only notable difference lies in the floor plan i.e. Edwardian conservatories have rectangular floor plans which allow them to make maximum use of internal space.

The Edwardian design also has other distinct features i.e. an apex roof and a flat front. The are believed to create the perfect blend of traditional and modern conservatories making them ideal for all kinds of homes regardless of age, style or character.

The Edwardian style has become very popular mainly because it offers plenty of floor space giving homeowners an opportunity to choose wider furniture for their conservatories as well as lending the space to a number of uses.


One of the best things about our Edwardian conservatories lies in the fact that we allow you to choose exactly what you want. You have the option of choosing a variety of materials form Hardwood to Aluminium and UPVC creating a conservatory that matches seamlessly with the existing features of your home. We also offer a variety of colours, finishes and style elements for you to choose from allowing you to create an Edwardian conservatory like no other.

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The future of your conservatory

We understand the fact that you want a conservatory that is habitable throughout the year which is why we go a step further when designing our conservatories. It is common knowledge that most conservatories aren’t habitable during winter but with our thick and expertly sealed frames along with double or triple glazing – your conservatory can remain warm even on the most miserable of days.

Our conservatories can also made using self-cleaning glass which insulates perfectly and allows in plenty of natural light into the conservatory without requiring regular cleaning as is the case with typical conservatories.

Why should you consider investing in a conservatory?

It is one of the simplest and cheapest ways of extending your home. Edwardian conservatories create extra space in your home without subjecting you to the hassles of house extensions.

Conservatories are truly adaptable. They can be used for many purposes i.e. as play rooms, dining rooms, living rooms etc.

Conservatories are inviting with the glass allowing plenty of natural light which offers a wonderful welcoming atmosphere coupled with fantastic views.

Conservatories act as a perfect middle ground between gardens and homes making them ideal resting areas.

A conservatory is capable of increasing your home’s value significantly if you ever consider selling your home.

Our Promise

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