French doors have been popular for many years to date because of the elegant and continental style they bring to homes. As the name suggests, French doors originate from France. They first originated during the 1600s. Initially, French doors were gateways to small balconies. This however changed making them ideal doors for all types of homes.

French doors have managed to remain sophisticated for centuries. This explains why they are still favoured by many homeowners interested in finding stylish exits into their home gardens. The doors offer two main opening choices i.e. you can open one or two doors for easier access or create an open area which eliminates the barrier between your home and garden during summer months.

Enjoy a brighter home

French doors do more than open up your home. For instance, they make your home brighter thanks to their large glass doors which allow natural light to penetrate easily into your home. They result in a greater area with natural light ideal for entertainment, relaxing or even working. In a way, French doors bring the outdoors to the indoors allowing you to enjoy the natural surroundings of your home throughout the year.

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Enjoy a warmer home

Although French doors are perfect for a hot summer climate, they also work perfectly during winter since they are able to keep cold air out thanks to our double or triple glazing. Our French doors are also expertly sealed and made of fantastic insulating materials. This means that they won’t be accompanied by unwelcome increases in energy bills. In fact, our French doors will lower your energy bills because they reduce the need to constantly heat or cool your home during the cold or hot seasons respectively.

Better security

Our French doors also make your home more secure. This is because we make our doors from the strongest materials and install numerous security safeguards like shoot bolts, hook bolts and key locks to make your home more safe and secure.

Unique design, variety and finishes

We also make French doors featuring a number of unique designs. It doesn’t matter if you want an original/traditional French door or a French door featuring modern designs and tweaks. We can make them all for you. For instance, we can make French doors with side panels creating a bigger window/light space.

We can also make French doors with opening side sash lights offering superior ventilation. Whatever you want, we can make it happen for you leaving you with a high quality product backed by a 10 year guarantee.

We also offer one of the best varieties of finishes. You are therefore assured of getting a new French door that meets your home’s unique character and style perfectly. Whether you choose aluminium, conservation or PVC-U, you are guaranteed of getting a something that matches your home perfectly.

Our Promise

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