These conservatories are rectangular in shape and have a roof leaning onto your main property. A lean-to conservatory has an uncomplicated design – making it suitable for many different types of house styles. Industry experts consider it the simplest style for conservatories. These conservatories are easier to install, and save a lot of your money and time. These conservatories have a modern look and are perfect for contemporary homes.

Lean To conservatories also provides you with the perfect space to enjoy some quiet time and relax. You will enjoy more natural light, while entertaining your friends at barbecues and dinner parties. At Acorn Glassline, our experts always aim to create a customised conservatory according to your needs, requirements and preferences. With our products, you can control the entire design process and will be able to create something perfect for your home.

Our specialists will give you sound advice about appropriate types of foundations on the basis of soil conditions, including raft, piling and strip. Since these conservatories have a lot of windows, it’s important to focus on energy efficiency. Our windows are double glazed to keep your home cool in summer months and warm in winter months.

Our company uses self-cleaning glass in different colours, including neutral, clear and blue. Our window glass offers exceptional insulation, and plenty of light combined with the benefits of self-cleaning and low maintenance. We make sincere efforts to create a comfortable conservatory that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Just like our high quality windows, we also offer roof glazing options, such as molan polycarbonate and standard polycarbonate. Our molan polycarbonate products contain aluminium inserts that reflect better than standard polycarbonate.

For your base walls, brick finishes can be perfectly matched to the property internally and externally. You can choose from plastered or brick finished options. We will work with you to create the best conservatory suitable to your home.

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Reasons to Invest in a Lean To Conservatory

A lean to conservatory is one of the most uncomplicated and simplest styles for conservatories. The modernist style and clean lines make it suitable for contemporary homes, and even traditional homes. A lean to conservatory is an excellent way to create some extra space in your home. You can use this conservatory for many different purposes. Our customisable options allow you to design the perfect conservatory according to your needs and requirements.

Our Promise

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