Our LivinRoof system allows you to maximise natural daylight with a high performance roof system that helps to deliver style and substance to your home. Our unique roof system blends solid sections with glazing – allowing you to have up to 50% glass to let natural daylight flow in.

Enjoy a roof with a stylish anthracite grey exterior for beautiful style on the outside while enjoying the natural daylight inside thanks to glazing panels. Let the light flow in without missing the comfort of a vaulted ceiling.

Bespoke Touch

At Acorn Glassline, everything we do is created bespoke to you. Our LivinRoof system allows you to enjoy the perfect compromise of glazing combined with solid roof sections. You can design the glass to solid ration to your needs letting the right amount of light flow into your home and create the look you desire. Our designers will discuss the best combination with you, offering their expert help and advice – they can design a look that works perfectly for your home and our LivinRoof is suitable for any roof shape including shallow roof pitches such as Lean To.

If you would like some free advice, have any questions, or would like to visit our factory please call us

Energy Efficiency

As well as letting natural light flow into a solid roof pitch, our LivinRoof also provides excellent thermal performance compared to other roof systems of a similar type. Our LivinRoof is five times more energy efficient than a traditional glass roof, ensuring your conservatory can be easily incorporated with the rest of your home without effecting your energy use.

And because we ensure construction is within tight factory practise methods, our roofs provide ultimate thermal performance year after year.

Changing Your View

With our LivinRoof, you can enjoy a conservatory that feels like part of your home seamlessly thanks to an anthracite grey exterior and internal pelmet. Make the most of your beautifully designed vaulted ceiling with downlighters and cables for speakers to create the perfect atmosphere. Our ceiling design is perfect for any light fitting.

Our Promise

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