Loggias are considered one of the best conservatory styles for your home. These constructions take inspiration from Italian buildings dating back to the Renaissance era. However, they are tweaked with some contemporary British techniques. This makes loggias a unique and elegant style for conservatories. These conservatories can create the perfect middle ground between a conservatory and an extension.

Originally, the loggia was constructed as a recessed room or roofed gallery open to the air on just one side. In recent years, the British design has successfully developed this traditional Italian design to suit modern building needs and extreme climates. This has allowed us to create something special, and provide you with a space that feels more open and welcoming.

Customised Conservatories

Our company can help you create something unique. We make sure the conservatory perfectly matches the look of your home. Loggia conservatories offer a wide range of distinct structural design options. This allows you to create something unique for your property. You can also choose between a traditional and modern look.

This means you will be able to find something suitable to your needs and requirements. When it comes to loggias, our company offers many different colours, such as Classic White, Deeplas White, Pure Cream, Landmark Green, Urban Grey and more.

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High Energy Efficiency

Acorn Glassline provides you with properly insulated columns as part of the standard installation. These are combined with powder-coated aluminium cladding panels. It allows us to create the perfect look for your conservatory. Due to such features, loggias don’t use a lot of energy, and help you lower your energy bills.

Unlike other extensions for the home, Loggia conservatories don’t have any requirement for standard building regulations. Therefore, they can be installed quickly and conveniently. With features like molan polycarbonate, heat can be easily reflected from roof glazing. The aluminium inserts in molan polycarbonate reflect better than standard polycarbonate and help prevent the conservatory from overheating.

Due to this, your conservatory helps you enjoy comfortable temperature throughout the year. In addition to this, we also use self-cleaning glass. It’s an excellent insulator while still allowing natural light in the room. As the name suggests, it also self-cleans and does not put unnecessary burden on you for maintenance.

Why Choose A Loggia Conservatory?

  • Loggia conservatories allow you to enjoy numerous qualities and benefits of an extension without worrying about any building regulations. Moreover, these conservatories are available at an affordable price.
  • They give you a bright and open feeling room. It feels like the perfect extension of your home in a very effortless and seamless way.
  • The innovative design of these conservatories helps you save energy. So you’re able to lower your energy bills, and enjoy an energy efficient home – meaning your home feels comfortable throughout the year.
  • With our products, you can choose from a wide range of design and colour options to create the perfect conservatory for your home. You can design a conservatory according to your preferences and taste.

Our Promise

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