Orangeries can be defined as elegant conservatories featuring innovative designs similar to those of Victorian or Edwardian conservatories. Another distinct feature of orangeries lies in their shape i.e. they have a rectangular floor plan meant to maximise internal space. Initially, orangeries were preserved for the rich elite who grew exotic fruits like lemons and oranges hence the name orangeries.

They were extremely popular between the 17th & 19th century in manor houses and palaces allowing their residents to grow citrus fruits during harsh European winters.

The modern Orangery

The modern orangery design is stylish and classic. Modern orangeries also allow better light flow creating spaces which are truly special. Our orangeries also feature internal soffits which allow down-lighting for aesthetics as well as creating that modern contemporary feel. Today’s orangeries are not only useful during the day – they are also important home entertainment spots for evenings.

With the right doors such as bi-fold connecting doors, an orangery can double up as a typical home extension lending itself to existing building work. It is also important to note that today’s orangeries are highly customisable to meet the most unique tastes and preferences. We go as far as sourcing bricks to match your existing brickwork to ensure your orangery matches perfectly with your home character and style. We therefore pride ourselves in creating orangeries which seem like they have always been part of your home.

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Customise your design

Our clients have a wide range of customisation options to choose from to make their orangeries their own. You can choose a hardwood, PVC-U or aluminium orangery to match your old windows and door frames or your own personal vision. Each of these options comes with its own unique benefits as well as adaptable options such as finishes and colours. We also offer the best variety of window and roof glazing options to help you make an orangery that is stylish and energy efficient.

It is important to note that our orangeries come with a self-cleaning glass option which simply means that you don’t have to clean your orangery regularly. This option also comes with other benefits for instance; our self-cleaning glass is also a great insulator. Also, the glass lets in plenty of natural light resulting in an orangery that is more all the more inviting. We also offer aluminium roof rafters featuring colour coordinated claddings and PVC-U cappings.

Why you should consider investing in an Orangery?

  • Orangeries have timeless and classic designs which look stylish regardless of the age, style or character of your home.
  • They also offer fantastic bright spaces for entertainment or relaxation.
    Orangeries are undoubtedly more elegant than conservatories.
  • They are therefore likely to impress guests and potential home buyers more than typical conservatories.

Our Promise

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