P-shaped conservatories are perfect for homeowners who want to make the best use of available space in their large detached properties. P-shaped conservatories are a combination of 3 or 5 faceted Victorian conservatories with the style of Lean-To conservatories. This makes them have more room i.e. they have a wider rounder area and a longer rectangular area creating two living spaces in one. P-shaped conservatories simply give homeowners more space without distorting proportion i.e. making your home too large.

Why should you consider installing a P-Shaped conservatory?

There are many reasons for installing P-shaped conservatories. One of the most notable reasons is the stylistic element they bring to homes. P-shaped conservatories are perfect for any kind of home regardless of the age, style or character. They are therefore ideal for updating homes as well as making homes larger and more functional. When you install a P-shaped conservatory, you are assured of getting ample space in your home for entertaining guests as well as relaxing.

Also, P-shaped conservatories are perfect for linking two rear rooms in your home together thanks to their size. You will therefore have a fully functional conservatory which becomes an integral part of your home perfectly. You can use the conservatory as a playroom, dining room, extra living room etc.

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Customise you conservatory from the beginning to the end

We offer a wide range of customisation options for homeowners who are interested in making their conservatories as unique as possible. You can choose materials such as aluminium, hardwood and UPVC for your conservatory as well as a wide range of finishes and colours. This will make your conservatory extremely unique to you. It doesn’t matter how unique your specifications are. We can make a P-shaped conservatory that is truly bespoke to you.

Acorn Glassline also strives to make energy efficient conservatories. We can install double or triple glazing windows and can also install molan polycarbonate roof glazing featuring aluminium inserts which are better reflectors than regular polycarbonate. These customisation options prevent overheating in your conservatory. Our P-shaped conservatories also come with self-cleaning glass which insulates well, allows plenty of natural light in and cleans itself saving you precious time and effort.

Why you should consider investing in a P-Shaped conservatory?

  • The conservatories are perfect for larger homes since they make the best use of your available space.
  • P-shaped conservatories also combine the long rectangular and rounded elements of conservatories better resulting in two separate but extremely functional spaces.
  • A P-shaped conservatory is simply the best conservatory for you if your focus is creating more functional space for relaxing and entertainment within your home.
  • A P-shaped conservatory is also the best option for linking two rear rooms in your home. Ideal when you have a large home which doesn’t feel incorporated.

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