Secondary Windows

For a long time, heritage homeowners didn’t have a good solution for dealing with cold draughts during cold seasons and excess heat during the summer without being forced to change part or the entire character of their homes. With secondary windows, you don’t need to adjust your home’s exterior or do anything unpleasant to your heritage home.

Our secondary glazing option allows you to enjoy your home regardless of the season without compromising the thing you treasure most about your heritage home i.e. the style/design of your original windows. Secondary glazing involves installing a second internal window frame that is approximately 100mm apart from the existing window. The resulting gap between the two windows acts as a heat insulator which is capable of reducing heat loss by approximately 70%.

We offer fully bespoke secondary glazing which means that you will have a perfect fitting window regardless of your home’s window size, shape, style etc. We offer very slim and stylish double glazing profiles which are available in any colour you can think of. This ensures that our windows match any home regardless of colour and style. We also offer a variety of opening styles i.e. horizontal and vertical sliders, lift out, hinged and tilt opening.

We provide a very cost effective insulation option for your home capable of saving you lots of money on your electricity bill annually. It is important to note that the thicker the glass, the better the insulation. We offer window glass thickness up to 6.4 mm offering you superior insulation.

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Is secondary glazing good for you?

Secondary glazing is perfect for you if you are a heritage homeowner who wants to have a warmer home without changing the style of your windows. Secondary glazing will also be a perfect option for you if you want to have a warmer home without interfering with the character of your home.

Since secondary glazing is cost effective, it’s a perfect way of making your heritage home warmer without compromising on your home’s style, character and your budget. Since energy bills keep rising every year, it makes financial sense to keep your home’s energy costs low by installing secondary windows so that you heat your home less during cold seasons.

Benefits of secondary glazing

  • You will have a warmer home which is cheaper to run because your energy bill will be lower. Secondary glazing eliminates the need to constantly heat your home during cold seasons.
  • Secondary glazing also offers additional security since results in the installation of another layer of glass providing better defence against intruders.
  • The second layer of glass also offers better noise reduction. Your home won’t be affected by outside noise as much as before. You will therefore end up with a more peaceful and relaxing home.
  • Secondary glazing is highly customised based on property style and personal tastes and preferences.

Our Promise

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