Sliding sash Windows

Sliding Slash Windows

Vertical sliding sash double glazed windows from Acorn Glassline provide customers with more choice than ever before. Homeowners who had to put up with damp, noise, draughts, rattling, and constant maintenance of their old sash windows could benefit from replacing them with our efficient design.

Now, the Acorn Glassline Heritage range provides noise insulation, warmth, and security, without compromising the period character of your property. The windows are based on an old Victorian design, and have a charm that will suit period homes of any type.

Attention to detail

Sash double glazing from Acorn Glassline proves that you don’t need to compromise the style and design of your property when you install new windows. These windows incorporate traditional sash features and have an oval shaped frame with traditional horns that can enhance the period detail in your home. What’s more, Georgian glazing bars can be fitted onto the internal or external side of your windows if you require.

Safety and security

These windows are ideal if you live a busy lifestyle, and the sashes can be lowered and raised without spring balances hidden in the framework – meaning no more messing around with sticking cords. Each sash tilts inwards through the use of safety latches, which allows you to clean you windows easily from inside your property. The windows are also extremely safe – preventing any possible intruders from entering your home and providing you with peace of mind every time you leave your property.

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Energy saving

Sash double glazed windows from Acorn Glassline can also provide you with long-lasting savings on your energy bills. The windows have been designed to the highest specifications and use materials of the highest quality to keep cold air from entering your property, and prevent heat from escaping your home. The windows help to keep your property warm and comfortable for you and your family during the cold winter months, and cool when the weather improves during the summer. You too can take advantage of draught-proof materials and double glazing windows that will ensure that the warmth stays in your property, and any unwanted noise stays out – ideal if you live in close vicinity to a busy main road or airport.

The benefits of new sash double glazed windows

Here are just some of the benefits of the sash double glazed windows:

  • These windows can provide a clean and polished look, and can be incorporated to enhance the period detail of your property
  • The windows are safe and keep noise from entering your property. They make use of the highest quality materials to keep cold air from entering your property and warmth from leaving – helping you to save more money on your energy bills.
  • The windows are easy to operate, clean, and maintain

Our Promise

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