T-Shaped conservatories are a combination of Gable, Victorian or Georgian style conservatories featuring a central projection. Because of the shape of T-shaped conservatories, they create two separate individual spaces. This allows homeowners to make the best use of space in their home as well as enjoy one larger area or two separate areas.

T-shaped conservatories, therefore, open a whole realm of possibilities. You can use a T-shaped conservatory for many uses i.e. as a play room, living area, dining room etc. Regardless of your intended purpose, T-shaped conservatories will always be functional and make your home more stylish and spacious.

Is a T-Shaped Conservatory ideal for you?

T-shaped conservatories feature a central part which extends out. This make the conservatories feel bigger than typical conservatories. Also, it helps to blur the line between the garden and home. T-shaped conservatories project a predominate part which makes them a style statement. For instance, the conservatories are perfect for highlighting stylistic details in your home such as French doors.

T-shaped conservatories are more ideal for big gardens and large properties because they consume more space with their central projection lending their design better to larger grounds. Also, they offer a variety of benefits of combination conservatories i.e. they allow homeowners to make the best out of numerous standard designs to make something that works ideally for them.

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At Acorn Glassline, we allow our clients to make truly bespoke conservatories to match the most unique needs, tastes and preferences. We take care of all the structural calculations, building regulations as well as material sourcing i.e. sourcing bricks to ensure they match perfectly with your home’s existing exterior.

We allow our clients a chance to customise different parts of their conservatories to make them work for them and look perfect. For instance, we offer material choices like UPVC, aluminium and hardwood. We also offer you the opportunity to select any conservatory finishes and colours you want. You can match your conservatory perfectly with you home as well as incorporate your own unique tastes and preferences.

We focus on making efficient conservatories which is why we use self-cleaning glass as a customisation option for our conservatories. When you choose this glass, you will be able to enjoy a maintenance free conservatory throughout the year. You only need to clean the glass occasionally using a damp cloth otherwise the conservatory’s glass is designed to look good throughout.

You also have the opportunity to enjoy a Molan polycarbonate conservatory featuring aluminium inserts. This feature makes our conservatories better reflectors that regular polycarbonate. This also ensures that your conservatory remains habitable throughout the year regardless of the season. It also makes our conservatories more energy efficient by reducing heating and cooling which in turn reduces energy bills.

Why you should install a T-shaped conservatory in your home?

  • To create more living space i.e. two separate living spaces which can be used for many functions.
  • The conservatory can be customised to meet your exact needs and specifications.
  • The conservatory can make your home more energy-efficient reducing cost.

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