As the name suggests, triple glazing is one step further from double glazing. It’s the perfect way to run a more comfortable and affordable home as well as dramatically reduce your energy bills. In Scandinavia and Northern Europe, triple glazing is standard to enjoy a warmer home in harsh winter months, while saving some money on the utility bills. According to industry experts, triple glazing will be standard in every home in the United Kingdom in the coming years – so why not future-proof your home?

Triple glazing can be five times more energy efficient and effective than standard single glazed windows and make a significant difference in your energy bills. With energy bills increasing year on year, it makes sense to get your windows triple glazed.

With triple glazing, you will definitely notice a much warmer home, especially in the winter months. With these windows, heat loss is minimised. Your home is able to retain more heat without any problems.

With triple glazing, you also notice a much quieter home. With three different panes of glass, and argon gas blocking the sounds’ ability to enter your home, you won’t be bothered by any unnecessary noises. This is perfect when you live in a busy neighbourhood or by the road.

Triple glazing works perfectly by providing your windows with a solid barrier against cold air. When you have triple glazing on the windows, there are three different panes of glass protecting your home. The two gaps between the glass are filled with an argon gas.

Since the air gaps are very small, they don’t allow the air to properly circulate. Thus, they prevent heat transfer and loss.

However, when you want to enjoy all the benefits of triple glazing, you should hire only professionals for the installation.

Our company uses the highest specification Soft Coat glass combined with argon gas filling both gaps. We bond everything properly with a Warm Edge spacer bar to prevent any cold bridging around the window’s edges.

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Why Invest in Triple Glazing?

  • If you are tired of paying high energy bills, and want to turn the thermostat down without putting up with a cold home, you should get triple glazed windows.
  • With thicker windows, you’ll also enjoy more security in your home. Our three paned windows are sealed properly with strong frames.
  • Triple glazed windows also offer better noise insulation. So you can enjoy a better night’s sleep.
  • With triple-glazed windows, you can enjoy an energy-efficient home. Triple glazing is going to be extremely popular in the coming years so stay ahead of the crowd.

Our Promise

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