Victorian conservatories are very popular conservatories, and can put great added value to your property. These conservatories are distinguishable through their pitched roofing and three or five facets which give them a curved appearance while allowing homeowners to get the most space from a conservatory.

Why Install a Victorian Conservatory?

Victorian conservatories have a classic and elegant design, making them a perfect option for the more traditional properties. They allow you to upgrade your home providing an extra room and a wonderful sense of light and space without compromising on its character.

The fantastically stylish design of a Victorian conservatory provides excellent use of space and amazing views from all angles. The facets soften the sharp crisp angled roof providing a nice rounded and styled look, widely angled for maximum space. The rounded or curved ends give an all-round view of your garden.

Victorian conservatories can be crafted in a variety of sizes, the conservatory can be adjusted to fit the space you have available. Whatever size your garden is, this type of conservatory can work for you perfectly. It’s not only a great way to add extra room to your house and increase living space, but also an economical way to increase the value of your home dramatically.

With Victorian conservatories, you can choose between three or five facets depending on your desired style, shape or size, allowing you to create a conservatory that suits your needs and requirements. These conservatories are available in a range of materials, including hardwood, aluminium and UPVC and you’ll find it quite easy to find something that fits in with your property and complements it.

If you have a more traditional home, installing this type of conservatory means you can enjoy a bright room and an additional living space without compromising the character of your property. The conservatory will blend in with your home becoming an extension of the garden, rather than something that was added on as an afterthought.

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Enjoy Year-Round Comfort with a Victorian Conservatory

Unlike in the past where conservatories would become a heat box in summer and virtually inhabitable and freezing cold during winter, modern technological advances have meant that a conservatory can provide year-round comfort. Some of the technologies that help ensure that your conservatory can be enjoyed all year round include: roof glazing which uses Molan Polycarbonate – that reflects the sun’s heat better than conventional polycarbonate, stopping the internal temperatures from rising and causing heat build-up and the self-cleaning glass that provides optimal insulation, lets plenty of light in, and ensures reduced maintenance costs.

Reasons to Choose Acorn Glassline Conservatories

Acorn Glassline is the most trusted and reliable Victorian conservatories manufacturers.

All of the Acorn Glassline products, including conservatories, come with a 10 year guarantee, ensuring quality.

You can take advantage of the wide variety of customisable options to build the conservatory that you want.

We will involve you in every aspect of the project, so we can build a conservatory that matches your foundations and brickwork for perfect results.

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